About Us

Treating people well, offering them respect and listening to them, is the most important job we have.  We don’t just manage and rent property, we offer security to owners and for tenants, a place to call home.

Doug Wight, Owner, Windermere Property Management

  • Longest, Most Respected in the Business

    Since 1962, Windermere Property Management has been offering exceptional property management and quality rental services to rental owners in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Owner, Doug Wight, has a commitment to keeping tenants satisfied and making owners lives easier while growing a profit.  Through years of experience this company has developed systems with those goals in mind.

  • Tenant Respect

    A happy tenant stays longer, improves the bottom line, and respects the property they call home.  Many rental companies see the tenant as a “product.”  Windermere Property Management views renters as important people who deserve courtesy and clear guidelines for their tenancy.  Our office supplies courteous, efficient assistance with an accessible, friendly staff, on-call maintenance care, and fair leases.  Our job is matching people to their perfect living space and property owners to the best tenants.  Every person walking through our door is treated with respect and dignity, even when the message may be “we can’t rent to you at this time.”

  • Owner Relationships

    Windermere is the largest local property manager due to our service approach.  By keeping up with the latest technology in the business, knowing the local market and providing excellent results, we are able to provide a progressive culture you can’t find in other companies.  We communicate and invest our time in you.  We make it easier for you to own without the hassles involved with day to day management.  Simplify your life – hire a Windermere professional to handle your maintenance, accounting and tenant issues.

  • Minimizing Legal Liability

    Our staff is constantly keeping up on the latest rental law, making sure leases are appropriately updated, procedures are followed, and the maze of legal liability is navigated.  We screen for safe tenants.  We watch for potential problems.  We represent your interests in local issues.  It’s our job.  It will give you peace of mind.

  • Profitable Management

    We recognize that your asset must be cared for in a manner that will bring you a return for as long as you own the property.  We have a 24-hour maintenance team.  We perform regular inspections for both current and potential problems, and we bring them to your attention.  By being proactive, we help you coordinate long-term solutions while avoiding the extra expenses of future problems.  In addition, your financial statements are always accessible online and we are available to answer your questions.  We work to keep your vacancies full and have safe and secure payment systems.

We go the extra mile to make it easier for you.  Trust our 50+ years of experience to provide you with convenience you will love and service you will appreciate.