Building Wealth

Congratulations!  You’ve invested in real estate.  Unlike many places you can put your money, property consistently increases in value over time, and properly cared for, can bring you income for many years to come.  It is a long-term investment, not always an immediate big cash generator. Wise investors are not speculators, they are looking at the BIG picture.  A property investment will not always be profitable when business cycles vary, but will pay off in the long run.

Rental ownership brings along new challenges you may have not experienced before.  Tenant issues, maintenance problems, legal liabilities, and more, can interfere with the quiet personal life you might have planned.  Other investments don’t call in the middle of the night to tell you the roof is leaking!  This is why there are property managers.

The bottom line is that the real estate market, versus going into the stock market or other investments, is an excellent place to put your money. Investment success requires patience, knowledge and energy to make it work.

How a professional property manager can help you build wealth

Why choosing Windermere Property Management is a good investment for you

  • Calculating the Appropriate Rent – knowing what to charge requires local industry knowledge and includes such variables as: location of the property, condition, upgrades, and vacancy rates. We help you with calculating your rate of return, profit and future maintenance costs. We handle the rent and debt collection and your financial statements are just a click away 24 hours a day.
  • Personalizing your Investment – is this property your retirement plan, an immediate investment, or a property you inherited? Do you want to sell it or rent it out? Are you new to the business or established with other rentals? We can help sort out these questions and pencil out your future income.
  • Having a good Reputation – word travels quickly about who are good landlords and who aren’t. It can affect your vacancy rate and the quality of the tenants you get.  At Windermere, we don’t say we are always perfect, but if we make mistakes, we take care of them. Our goal is matching great tenants to the most appropriate properties. We treat everyone with courtesy and respect. You can count on OUR reputation. What we do makes you look good.
  • Management Tailored to Your Needs – our property management department advises owners on the best options for your management needs. When you hire our services you have a staff of property specialists, a maintenance team and lease experts professionally handling your investment so you can relax.  Tenant screening, leasing, 24-hour maintenance staff, and routine inspections keep your property in top condition.
  • Expense Management – as property managers we give you accurate predictions of future expenses, improvements that need to be done and help you set aside the money to make it happen. New roofs, hot water tanks or flooring can become a much bigger cost if ignored. Annual budgeting ensures there will be no surprises. Regular maintenance keeps your property in the best condition.
  • An in-house Maintenance Team – affords us control over timing of response, the expertise on site, 24/7 availability, making immediate decisions that help preserve your asset.  They carry commonly used parts and are prepared for most challenges.  Timely response minimizes long-term damage to your property.  On routine maintenance calls, our team protects your liability with a health and safety check each time they are in your home.
  • Legal Liability Reduction – professional property managers are trained in the latest tenant/landlord law, by attending on-going seminars, reading industry newsletters and belonging to professional organizations. Keep your property safe from potential legal problems by utilizing our knowledge and training.
  • Modern Technology – our high-tech internet marketing ensures your properties will be rented quickly and lowers your vacancy rates. Our systems check that your tenants will be properly vetted and screened. Our state-of-the-art technology is an expense most individual rental owners cannot afford, but we offer its value to you as a client.

Building wealth as a rental owner is within reach when partnering with an appropriate Property Management company.  Our goals are your goals.

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