Management Services

Windermere Property Management

Turning investments into profits for over 50 years

Are you currently with a property management company or thinking about hiring one? Windermere Property Management is the largest and oldest rental property management company in Whatcom County. For over 50 years, we have built a solid reputation with tenants and owners alike, for fairness, consistency and honesty. We have kept up with the most advanced technology to keep our service cutting-edge and absolutely the best in the industry.

What we do for you may vary upon your needs, but we offer a wide range of services that will give you peace of mind and an asset that grows in value.


  • Marketing/Advertising – promptly post vacancies online, on our website, and to other listing sites  Applicants can apply right from their smartphones.  Our systems ensure your vacancies are filled quickly
  • Market Analysts – determine appropriate rent to charge, based upon our industry experience
  • Leasing Professionals – handle prospective renter’s questions
  • Tenant Screening – thorough background checks including credit, criminal history, ability to pay, and their past rental history
  • Facility Inspection – properties are thoroughly inspected before, during and after leasing
  • Rent Collection – rent and deposits are easily paid online or in our office
  • Lease Enforcement – negotiation, drafting and enforcement of lease documents
  • Legal Liabilities – avoid legal problems by utilizing knowledgeable property managers
  • Tenant Relations – tenant issues are addressed professionally and in a courteous and fair manner

Cost Management

  • Fast response, 24/7 in-house maintenance team
  • Routine inspections of rental condition
  • Rent and deposit collections handled online and in the office
  • In-house debt collection
  • Expense reports and financials available online at any time
  • Fast rent disbursement
  • Bill payments
  • Property improvement recommendations and budgeting

Property Management Service Packages

Everyone has different skills and different needs required from their rental management company, so we offer a variety of service packages to suit your particular situation.

  1. Complete Rental Property Management

    Service: includes everything a rental owner needs to relax and grow their asset without being overwhelmed by managing it.  Our professional Property Managers take care of everything on the lists above and more.

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  2. Lease-Only “Tenant Finder” Service

    Service: we photograph the property, establish the rent, advertise, offer suggestion for upgrades, show the home, screen the tenant, collect all the move in costs, rent, deposit etc. and write the lease. We also perform a move-in inspection checklist with photographs.  We disburse remaining funds, rent and deposit, along with the leasing documents to the owner.  Owner to perform ongoing management.

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