Tips for Property Maintenance

  1. Bellingham Property Management

    Maintenance is key to retaining a property value.

    Estimate what it will cost you to the maintain the property over the long run and factor that into your rent. A hot water heater can set you back hundreds of dollars if you haven’t saved a little extra for that purpose.

  2. Schedule regular annual pest inspections and vent/screen cleaning and furnace inspections. These can save you money over the long run.
  3. ALWAYS do an inspection checklist before a tenant moves in and after he leaves. Be sure your damage deposit is enough to cover basic and common expenses you might run into.
  4. Look for water leaks. Water going into walls or ceilings can cause mold problems that can be dangerous as well as expensive.
  5. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly and change the batteries as needed.
  6. Carefully examine bathroom tiles and kitchen sinks for built up damage, missing tiles or cracked grout. Fix them immediately.
  7. Keep up the landscape. It improves property values and helps make tenants respect the property.